Criminal Attorney: Step by Step Action to Freedom

Criminal Attorney: Step by Step Action to Freedom

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016 in Criminal Attorney, Law

Criminal Attorney: Step by Step Action to Freedom
Facing a criminal case is a stressful situation. Every action you take ultimately decides wither you will be winning this upcoming case. Remaining calm is of the essence. Your choice is an experienced criminal attorney – it’s the first step to a win. Take California for example; marijuana charges in california  can be very serious but also very loose, so staying calm is the initial step you need to take before hiring a good lawyer.

You will begin your search online. The internet is a vast place and you can find almost anything about any attorney online. Specialization, win percentage, reviews of their performances, heck, you can find out where they were born at if you really wanted to know.

appellatelawyerNow that you have some information about your attorneys try to pick a few that you feel might get the job done. For most cases, you will be able to set up a free consolidation. Meeting the attorney face to face will make or break your impression. After all you can’t redo a first impression. You want to be as professional and prepared as they are.

Bringing a notepad and pen is a must. You want to take down notes about everything you see and observe. A QnA is another great way of “breaking the ice” between you and the attorney, I would suggest some questions like: “Do you teach law in your particular field?” , if they teach the field they are constantly studying the field, which reassures their expertise. “How many court cases have you had to date?” wisdom comes with age right? “What was your best case?”

In general when I asked this question it threw off most attorneys, a curve ball, but the ones that chuckled and stated a funny experience, or pored out and emotional roller coaster of a case were the ones that I found did the best in the court room. They not only put effort into the case, but emotion. This is just a guide line of questions, who knows you might come up with a few good ones yourself. Just be natural with it.

Last but not least, you want to overview all the notes you have taken on and offline. What I did was made a game out of it, listing pros and cons on a scale of 1-5 points, whoever had the most points after the – con points won. This may not be your way of dealing with this, but hey I’m just sharing my experience with you. Remember to take finance, time, and quality into consideration. In no time you will have the right criminal attorney for you.